Can the Bible be God's Word?
"The cure for fundamentalism!"
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The Cure for Fundamentalism: Why the Bible Cannot be the Word of God
(Also known as: Can the Bible be God's Word?)
A complete, online Biblical commentary
by Steve McRoberts

Old Testament" or
"Hebrew Scriptures"
Genesis Exodus
Leviticus Numbers
Deuteronomy Joshua
Judges Ruth
1 Samuel 2 Samuel
1 Kings 2 Kings
1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles
Ezra Nehemiah
Esther Job
Psalms Proverbs
Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon
Isaiah Jeremiah
Lamentations Ezekiel
Daniel "Minor Prophets"
Appendix A: The Kings
"New Testament" or
"Greek Scriptures"
The Gospels
Acts, Epistles & Revelation
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