Election Day!

votingUpdate: As of 1999, the Watchtower has declared voting to be a matter of personal conscience. The following article may continue to be pertinent, however, since most Witnesses still do not vote, for the reasons stated below.

Today is election day where I live. We get to vote on who our representatives should be in government.

People fought and died to give us this right.

I smile at the people I see standing in line at the polls. They have looked at the voting records of the incumbents and reviewed the promises of their challengers. They have come to a decision about which candidates most closely represent their own opinions about pollsthe laws that should govern us in our efforts to  live peacefully and fairly together as a society.


Few if any of these voters realize that they are engaging in Satan worship by this activity.

Poor, deluded fools destined for carrion.

There’s not one Jehovah’s Witnesses among them. The Witnesses recognize that all governments are part of Satan’s organization opposed to Jehovah God’s Kingdom. So, any vote at all in any election is a vote for Satan and against Jehovah. We can’t have that!

If everyone were a Witness we would do away with elections, just as dictators have always done when assuming command. Instead of having any say in our government we would humbly submit to the whims of the Governing Body (whom we know Jehovah himself has always elected — well, except for Ray Franz.) Then we wouldn’t have to waste time and effort thinking about what would be the best course of action to solve our difficulties. We would simply surrender our wills to the GB and do whatever they said, even if they told us to watch our children die or to shun them. — Wait, that’s the case right now in the government the Witnesses have subjected themselves to in their “spiritual paradise!” Surely that is the better model for all people on Earth rather than all this voting nonsense.

In the United States, where I live, it is commonly said that the “stay-at-home voters” get the government that they deserve, and have no right to complain about it since they made no effort to participate in electing someone more representative of themselves. So, I wonder: are Witnesses surrounded by Satanic government just because they don’t vote for Jehovah? I mean, if every vote cast is a vote for Satan, and the Witnesses aren’t out there voting for Jehovah, then Jehovah is going to lose every election! By now it must be something like umpteen billion votes for Satan to zero votes for poor Jehovah!Election results

The course of action is clear: Witnesses should start a write-in campaign for Jehovah. Go to the polls and cross out all the other names (they’re just stooges for Satan, after all [good name for a rock band, by the way: Stooges for Satan]), and write in “Jehovah” (or his representative: Jesus). That will surely usher in God’s kingdom on Earth that they’ve been praying for: remember God helps those who help themselves. Maybe this is what has been delaying things all this time! Stop dreaming up dates and talking about how much you want God’s kingdom on Earth: get out there and vote for it! Then you’ll  have done your part in bringing Armageddon that much closer to reality, and you’ll know in your heart it was worth it when you see all these voters-for-Satan reduced to a pile of rotting corpses on that day!Watchtower's depiction of Armageddon