Top 5 Most Wanted

We all know that Armageddon is right around the corner™. That means we’ll be dealing with resurrected ones before you know it.

Now, some of these will have been criminals. Some of these criminals had received the death penalty — a penalty which is effectively canceled out by their resurrection. But does that mean society needs to be any the less wary of them? I think not!

Law enforcement made great efforts in the past to capture, try, sentence, and incarcerate these individuals. Still others got away scot-free and have yet to pay their debt to society. I think the Society will want us to know the criminal histories of these people so we can be on our guard. Perhaps the Governing Body will even rebuild some prisons to house them until they have reformed in the peaceful new order.

The “Watchtower” may take on a whole new meaning!

But what can you or I do pro-actively to help? I think we should collect criminal records and be sure they are preserved into the new world.
In the past, record keeping was very poor. However, one thing they did have was Wanted posters. To get a jump-start on all of this, I have gathered together the oldest Wanted posters in history for some of the individuals whom the Society says will be among the first to be resurrected. They can constitute our first “top 5 most wanted” list. You can all thank me — in the New Order!

If you locate any more Wanted posters or criminal histories, please post them so we can add them to this important collection. Be sure to count your time in this activity since you’ll be helping us prepare for the new order!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Wanted”

  1. Now that was some funny shit…and so true. One of first things that started forming doubts in my young brainwashed mind. THOU SHALL NOT KILL…unless I really need you too…or if you are just really pissed…or if you need to cover up fucking another man’s wife…or if they’re children…by all means kill all the children you want.

  2. Hi, I think all armagedon survivors should be told!!do I have permission to print the posters off and paste them on my local KH? Seriously forget the overwhelming evidence for evolution, impossibility of the flood the WTBTS citing malcolm muggeridge and issac asimov as scions of evolutionary Science ,incorrect dates for jerusalems destruction, Qumran parchment showing huge diversity in scripture etc Even without all that the main issue for me was always moses directions (numbers 31 I think, after another hard day of genocidal rape theft and pillage for the jews) after taking the female kids home if they were unsatisfactory ‘wives’ they should be slaughtered!Also, regarding that damned phineous being promoted after spearing the isrealite and his midianite wife I thought to myself hang on didn’t moses marry a midionite?!!!!What’s he so blasted happy about!Also if all those laws about giving the preists so many shekels per person etc weren’t the preists having the isrealites on. (Extortion and bribery)then ill be a monkeys uncle.Further, to add to these crimes It seems to me you can’t avoid reading human sacrifice condoned by bible writers (NWT changes “devoted” to destruction to “condemned” as if we are talking about criminals when the context clearly shows its about what and whom the victors of war should be sacrificed to jehovah of the spoils!

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Anna!
      I agree 100%!
      Oh, yes, please post the wanted posters everywhere you can! You never know when these men might be resurrected and start lurking about our streets!

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